Mission, Vision and Values


To increase the level of philanthropy in Ireland and to expand the community of engaged donors who are regular, strategic, long-term contributors to good causes.


  • There will be measurable increases in the number and diversity of people engaged in philanthropic giving.
  • Philanthropy is perceived positively based on standards acceptable to all sectors of society.
  • Philanthropy is supported by an appropriate policy framework for ongoing development.
  • There is readily accessible, quality information and research available to the sector.


  • Belief that voluntary effort, charitable giving and social entrepreneurship are an irreplaceable force for good in Irish society.
  • Belief that philanthropic giving opens up exciting new possibilities for organisations that receive philanthropic funding and support, and ultimately for the people and causes they support.
  • Working to achieve excellence in all activities and relationships.
  • Committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.
  • Dedicated to responding to the needs of members and those with an interest in philanthropy promptly and professionally.
  • Committed to working in partnership with members and other stakeholders.
  • Informed by research and best practice from around the world.