Mission, Vision and Values


To increase the level of philanthropy in Ireland and to expand the community of engaged donors who are regular, strategic, long-term contributors to good causes.


  • Philanthropy Ireland‚Äôs vision is that the unique contribution of philanthropy to Irish society will be generally¬† understood and valued. It will be recognised that modern philanthropy is rooted in the Irish tradition of giving and people will be able to see how they can become actively involved in philanthropy.
  • Philanthropy in Ireland will be widely perceived as operating to the highest standards of transparency, probity and effectiveness. Politicians of all parties and policy makers will have a positive attitude towards philanthropy.
  • An appropriate infrastructure to facilitate philanthropy will have evolved, including efficient tax and legal frameworks that encourage giving, proactive and engaged intermediaries and wealth advisors and appropriate regulation of the third sector that promotes effectiveness, accountability and transparency.
  • The field of philanthropy will be characterised by readily accessible and good quality information and research, which enable progress and developments within the field to be tracked and understood over time, including appropriate international comparisons.
  • There will have been a year on year increase in the number and diversity of people, organisations and businesses engaged in philanthropic giving and the amount of money donated by philanthropies will match comparable international benchmarks, notably within the EU.
  • Philanthropy Ireland will be seen to be competent, credible and trustworthy and there will be a high level of satisfaction amongst members of Philanthropy Ireland and the wider community of philanthropists with the services, advice and supports provided by Philanthropy Ireland. Philanthropy Ireland will be recognised as a highly efficient, effective and sustainable organisation.


  • Belief that voluntary effort, charitable giving and social entrepreneurship are an irreplaceable force for good in Irish society.
  • Belief that philanthropic giving opens up exciting new possibilities for organisations that receive philanthropic funding and support, and ultimately for the people and causes they support.
  • Working to achieve excellence in all activities and relationships.
  • Committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.
  • Dedicated to responding to the needs of members and those with an interest in philanthropy promptly and professionally.
  • Committed to working in partnership with members and other stakeholders.
  • Informed by research and best practice from around the world.