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  • Garth Brooks, Philanthropy and Public Policy February 7, 2014
    I must admit to being permanently bemused by popular culture, plebian or elite. My television viewing is confined to the Big Bang Theory, and my musical tastes are quixotic but never cool. I avoid searing dramas like the plague, and … Continue reading → […]
  • Saving Small Town Ireland the role of Social Enterprise February 4, 2014
    Fergus Finlay had a good article in the Examiner on the decline of small town Ireland. The decline is all too evident to these of us who were born and raised in Ireland’s small towns and who return for holidays … Continue reading → […]
  • Appeal from our colleagues in Philanthropy Ukraine January 29, 2014
    Late last week I received the following appeal from my colleagues in the Ukraine. I hesitated to publish it in case doing so put these colleagues in jeopardy, but the appeal has been published on the European Foundation Centre Website, … Continue reading → […]
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Philanthropy is a particular kind of charitable giving. It is focused on the root causes of problems and making a sustainable improvement, as distinct from contributing to immediate relief.

Philanthropy is not the exclusive preserve of very wealthy people, What distinguishes philanthropic giving from more spontaneous once offcharitable donations is that the money is given with a degree of reflection and a clear purpose.


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