Grantor & Grantee Process

This Learning Library of information has been primarily designed for philanthropic, corporate or charitable trusts and foundations currently running or considering setting-up a new Small Grants Programme (SGP) in Ireland or elsewhere for that matter. It is also designed for the use of anyone with an interest in grant programmes. The library includes guidance for setting up a SGP; managing a SGP; establishing what you want from a SGP; information on collaborations; good practice guidelines; and a series of questions posed for further consideration when implementing a SGP.

SGP Example
Social Entrepreneurs Ireland support people who have big new solutions to Ireland’s social and environmental problems. They provide funding and a range of in-depth support to the grantee social entrepreneurs. They award eight grants to social entrepreneurs each year; three Impact Awards worth €200,000 each and five Elevator Awards worth €35,000 each.. Awards are a combination of money and on-going support and mentoring.

As the individual social entrepreneur behind a project is one of the key factors in its success, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland place a strong emphasis on the person applying as part of their evaluation process. While the individuals can be assessed through an interview process, experience has shown that true assessment of the suitability of the applicant to the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Awards Programme comes from actually working with them. This has led to the development of an updated selection process:
- The initial application is a short online form which can be completed over the period which the application process is open.
- Following an initial review, 40 shortlisted candidates are then brought on a one-day ‘Bootcamp’ during which they pitch their idea to a panel of judges.
- 18 applicants are then invited to attend an interview, after which eight candidates are chosen as the ‘Finalists’.
- These eight Finalists are guaranteed to achieve either an Impact or an Elevator Award, The eight finalists take part in a 3 month finalists programme during which a member of the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland team, previous award winners and external consultants work with them helping to clarify thinking around their idea and mission.
- The relationship that is built during this time and the insight into the people, their ideas and the change they can drive through their project informs the decision making on who will receive Impact and Elevator Awards.

Throughout this entire process, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland works to ensure that applicants get value out of every stage of the selection process through the experience, training and feedback they receive. The process means Social Entrepreneurs Ireland can make more informed decisions about which entrepreneurs to choose, and ultimately ensures that any investments are directed at the social entrepreneurs who will have the most impact following the award.