Individual Donors

There is no ‘one’ or ‘best’ way to engage in philanthropic giving. Philanthropy is highly personal. But if you take a small amount of time to do some exploring, asking questions, reflecting on needs- your philanthropy can make a real difference. Giving well can be challenging, but when giving is done well it has the potential to significantly multiply the potential impact from the donation.

Here we provide information and links to help you to think about and question your giving. It will help you to think about and question your giving. It will help you answer questions such as; What do you want to achieve (the issue to be addressed)? How can you organisr your giving (the model to do your giving)? Who do you want give to (finding causes)?

Interested in exploring further? Then contact Philanthropy Ireland and we will be happy to provide additional information and support.

Guidance on Different Approaches to Philanthropy

Guide to Setting Up a Giving Circle
This guide developed by The Ireland Funds is for people who are looking to give in a collaborative, social way. It gives an overview of things to consider when setting up a giving circle and a case study from Dublin.

Guide to Setting Up a Foundation in Ireland
Launched in November 2008, this guide was developed by Philanthropy Ireland for individuals and companies that are considering establishing their own foundation. It includes information on tax and legal requirements for establishing a philanthropic organisation and obtaining charitable tax exemption.

Establishing a Venture Philanthropy Fund
This working paper captures and shares the early learning of a number of European venture philanthropy (VP) funds. It is intended to assist start-up or early-stage VP funds in Europe by providing insight into what works in a European context. You can download an electronic version or purchase a hard copy of the paper at the European Venture Philanthropy Association website through the link above.

Legacy Giving

Are you interested in making a gift to charity in your will?  After family and friends are looked after, leaving a gift to a charity in a will can be an impactful and lasting way to support a favourite cause or charity in the future. A legacy gift can be large or small and is tax free. The following links will help guide your decision. is a resource for those looking for information on leaving a donation to their favourite charitable organisation in their will. Making a charitable bequest is not something that only wealthy people can do, and aims to educate and inform people from all walks of life on how they can make a real difference to the causes they care about.

A Legacy of Giving
Prepared by the Community Foundation for Ireland, this leaflet is for those considering establishing a Fund through a charitable bequest in a will.

A solicitor will be able to provide additional information on wills & bequests.

Finding an Organisation to Support

Benefacts is a public database of civil society organisations in Ireland. Benefacts brings together public data from many sources. It cleans, refines and publishes this data online for easy access.

Everydayhero IE website that hosts fundraising pages for charitable organisations. You can search by name or theme and donate over the Internet.

The Wheel Online Directory provides basic contact information for thousands of community and voluntary organisations.

Charities Institute Ireland exists to support and enable charities create positive social change. CCI works to create the conditions for a vibrant independent charity sector that attracts increased funding support to deliver positive, tangible social change in Ireland.

The Little Blue Book: NPC’s guide to analysing charities, for charities and funders.
The Little Blue Book is a concise and practical guide to analysing charities. It is designed to aid funders, charities and other interested observers who might find it useful. It can help funders to identify charities’ strengths and weaknesses, and make decisions about how to allocate resources. It can help charities to assess their own performance and make improvements to their organisation.

Tax & Legal Information

Tax Information
This is the tax insert to our guide, Philanthropy – An opportunity to make your mark.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Charitable Giving Guide
In March 2014, PricewaterhouseCoopers published an updated version of its Charitable Giving Guide. The guide provides an overview of the tax incentives available for individuals and companies donating to charitable causes.

Tax Relief on Charitable Donations
The CHY2 Appropriate Certificate is available to download at the Irish Revenue Commissioners website. This form is to be used by PAYE tax payers to obtain relief on donations made to eligible charitable organisations.