What do I want to give?

What do I want to give?


Philanthropic giving is often considered within the overall context of wealth management and estate planning. There are many financial issues that you may want to consider, together with your wealth advisors.

The amount of money and assets you and your family will need for a comfortable lifestyle for the rest of your life.
The amount of money you wish to leave to your children and other family members.
How tax may impact on your estate (e.g. capital gains or estate tax).

It is important to note that the impact of an investment is not determined merely by the actual amount of money, but also by the manner in which it is invested. For example, a targeted investment of €25,000 can achieve significant impact through a donor-advised fund.


Many philanthropists emphasise the fact that time spent engaging in philanthropy can be extremely satisfying and rewarding. Often, their business and life skills are just as valuable as their financial giving.

Investing for the Future

Spending in perpetuity involves leaving a specific amount of money and stipulating that only the interest or earnings from the money may be invested. This takes into account the fact that change in society occurs over time, and offers a chance to have a particular name remembered by future generations, and to involve future generations of the same family.

Giving while living:

Some philanthropists choose to donate an amount of money within a specified period of their lifetime, using the time-bound investment to focus on achievable, measurable change.

There are both time-limited and perpetual philanthropic organisations in Ireland. The best way of finding out which approach suits you best is to contact Philanthropy Ireland, which can connect you with either or both sorts of Irish foundations to learn more about their structure and governance.