What causes do I want to support?

There are many areas where philanthropy can make a real difference. Philanthropy is a deeply personal endeavour, and as such, will probably reflect your personal convictions and values.

A list of examples (which is not exhaustive) where philanthropy is making a real difference is given below:

  • Tackling educational disadvantage;
  • Promoting sustainable development and safeguarding the environment;
  • Breaking the cycle of crime by offering temporary accommodation and work placements for people leaving prison;
  • Protecting and promoting Ireland’s artistic heritage and investing in culture and the arts;
  • Casting light on the hidden epidemic of suicide in Ireland by carrying out appropriate research;
  • Ensuring a knowledge-based future in Ireland by investing in world-class universities;
  • Assisting developing countries including rebuilding South African townships and halting the spread of the HIV/AIDS pandemic;
  • Supporting civil society through investment in the community and voluntary sector;
  • Safeguarding fundamental human rights both in Ireland and in other countries;
  • Ensuring that older people are treated with dignity and respect and are afforded the opportunity to contribute to the good of society through their experience and ability;
  • Providing a voice for the marginalised in society;
  • Supporting projects which provide all age groups with the opportunity to engage in physical activity and the involvement of disadvantaged young people in sport;
  • Regardless of the particular cause, achieving significant impact is at the core of philanthropic giving.

Finding out more

There are many ways of finding out more about particular causes. The Internet is a useful resource. It might also be useful to consult with existing philanthropic organisations or individuals that have experience in your area(s) of interest. Philanthropy Ireland can assist you in this regard. Similarly, direct contact can be made with charitable organisations.

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