Collaboration & Infrastructure

This Learning Library of information has been primarily designed for philanthropic, corporate or charitable trusts and foundations currently running or considering setting-up a new Small Grants Programme (SGP) in Ireland or elsewhere for that matter. It is also designed for the use of anyone with an interest in grant programmes. The library includes guidance for setting up a SGP; managing a SGP; establishing what you want from a SGP; information on collaborations; good practice guidelines; and a series of questions posed for further consideration when implementing a SGP.

SGP Example
An example of a structured partnership arrangement was the collaboration between The Atlantic Philanthropies and Age & Opportunity in the delivery of the pilot phase of the ‘Get Vocal Programme’. The pilot was in effect a Small Grants Programme with a specific sectoral focus on older people. The partnership enabled The Atlantic Philanthropies, a large-scale strategic funder, to reach local groups in order to address an identified weakness in the sector and help build capacity, in particular in relation to advocacy. The pilot phase created a platform for a sustained and substantial investment in the sector by The Atlantic Philanthropies over a further four years.
Another structured collaboration was The Parent and Toddler Group Initiative (2006- 2008), a partnership between the Katharine Howard Foundation and the Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs. The initiative released public funding and support for a strategic small grants programme which was designed to influence practice and child and family policy. The Katharine Howard Foundation designed and developed the scheme which supported 569 groups, allocating funding of €451,118 and importantly was able to hand over a database of all parent and toddler groups in the country, information packs and guidelines for groups, and a well developed and structured initiative for mainstream funding through City and County Childcare Committees.