What: Gathering of future leaders to engage in dialogue regarding strategic philanthropy and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Where: The Little Museum, Dublin

When: 6th June 2018

How: Campfire discussions led by our four facilitators

Who: A group of young individuals who are already focusing on developing their communities and creating social change. The event was hosted by Philanthropy Ireland, and sponsored by Medtronic Foundation.

Amidst the streak of sunny weather in Dublin, a group of Ireland’s young leaders gathered just off St. Stephen’s Green in The Little Museum, Dublin, for an evening of round table discussion and reflection on social change and the impact of strategic philanthropic work on society.

The evening was structured so that attendants could study and discuss the relationship between the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), philanthropy, and the role we all have in achieving these goals. Through this discussion, Philanthropy Ireland intended to inform participants about the need for philanthropic giving, provoke thought, and to inspire these long-term donors who desire to take action.

Vibrant round table discussions lead by speakers allowed participants to engage with people who successfully turned energy into action and identify ways they themselves can get started while also providing an excellent opportunity to network with peers.

In a brief question and answer session, attendees could direct questions at each speaker to clarify and continue the dialogue after the round table discussion. Important themes emerging included the importance of conversation; continuing the dialogue regarding strategic philanthropic giving beyond this event; getting started; and breaking through social fears people have regarding giving. By the end of the evening, one theme resonated through the audience: the power of one person, one voice – everyone can make a difference. While one cannot do everything, he or she can do something, and that something is worth doing.

Through this event, Philanthropy Ireland intended to educate future leaders on the importance of philanthropic giving and the need to contribute to facilitate cultural change. Philanthropy Ireland hopes that those in attendance will open dialogues with their peers as well as find and inspire others who can be part of the cultural change through strategic philanthropic giving. Participants were encouraged to act and engage with current organizations such as Ireland Funds Young Leaders and Community Foundation Ireland Youth Participation Programme.

Moving forward, Philanthropy Ireland plans to continue to engage in dialogue with these young people, and to demonstrate the value of offering their time, talent, and treasure back to their communities.

A special ‘Thank You’ to Medtronic Foundation for funding the event – only with their vision and support was this event made possible!

Speakers Included:

Charles Dillon, graduating with a degree in Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin and working as a trader in quantitative finance, is part of Effective Altruism Ireland, a group for people who discuss how to do the most good with the resources they have. Through his giving Charles supports many causes globally, including: Give Directly and Rethink Charity’s Students for High Impact Charity programme.

Amr Dawood, an avid social entrepreneur and biomedical engineer, has been recognised by numerous organisations as a leader in his field. He has previously co-founded many social enterprises such as One For Ireland, WASSEL.IO and Change For Change, which in turn made him be recognised as one of the most influential under 30 year old’s from around the world in the field of charities and social enterprise.

Stephanie Kirwan, currently completing her MA part-time in International Development as well as being a registered Health Promotion Practitioner, has worked as both a facilitator and programme coordinator for development education NGO, Development Perspectives since 2011. In 2016, Stephanie created the SDG Challenge following the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Deborah Somorin, a Senior Associate at PwC with a Masters in Accounting, has recently begun to share her story to help change the stigma around youth homelessness. She has also recently founded her non-for profit Empower the Family, which will open student accommodation with affordable quality childcare for single parents between 18-23 in third level of education.

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