What: Philanthropy Version 2.0, an all-Ireland event dedicated to donors for reimagining ideas on how to make philanthropy for social impact part of a wider conversation.

Where: Farmleigh House, Phoneix Park, the former home of notable philanthropists, the Guinness Family
Current and future philanthropists interested in exploring current trends, and developing philanthropy in Ireland. Speakers included international and Irish thought-leaders engaged with innovative models of philanthropy and giving. The morning was moderated by Vincent Wall (Newstalk)

How: Under the Chatham House Rule, this was an interactive conversation for donors lead by panel discussions 

When: 1st December 2017

Since the event, Philanthropy Ireland have been analysing and considering all the experiences and recommendations that were so kindly shared on the day.

We have now created a concise synopsis of the discussions on the day. The Report looks at the main points arising from each panel, and based on these comments, the recommendations made by attendees on how philanthropy could be developed in Ireland.

Philanthropy V2 was organised in partnership with Giving Northern Ireland and the Department of Rural and Community Affairs. The event was supported by the Mott Foundation

The Report from Philanthropy Version 2.0 is available here.