Major Donor Giving Research Report: an updated synthesis of research into major donors and philanthropic giving, commissioned by nfpSynergy looks at research and trends within the major donor space over the past five years in the UK.

This report explores:

  • Motivations for major donor giving
  • How do major donors decide which charities to support?
  • Why do major donors continue to give?
  • Why do some wealthy individuals not give at all?
  • Notable findings from recent studies of major donor giving
  • Major donor giving in the UK today

As we work to develop a philanthropic culture in Ireland, reports such as this allow us to draw comparatives between the Irish context and our counterparts overseas. Such insights into major donor behaviour allow us, as philanthropoids, to communicate better with donors (both current and prospective), and increase the number of donors engaging with philanthropy and strategic giving.

The full report is available here.