In a recent article published in The Sunday Business Post, Faye Walsh Drouillard, founder of the Giving Circles of Ireland and Amsterdam and a Board Member of Philanthropy Ireland, reflects on some of the misconceptions about the current face of philanthropy. In a thought provoking article, Faye explores the concept of what could be termed the ‘everyday’ philanthropist, advocating, that any one of us can give if we so choose. We all have it within our power.

An engaging piece, the differentials between charity and philanthropy are clearly highlighted, the former focusing on the reactive, providing ‘isolated relief’. Challenging the usual arguments in Ireland on why there is not stronger philanthropy, Faye suggests these are not entirely plausible, asking us to imagine the potential if Ireland could get over these issues, become more open to philanthropy, learning about it, seeing what could be accomplished.

The generation of wealth in Ireland in the last 35 years is highlighted, most of it from entrepreneurial growth, suggesting that with such wealth comes responsibility. And for those who do engage, there are many opportunities to do so in an innovative way – venture philanthropy, donor advised funds, crowdfunding, social investment, social enterprise, impact investing, to name but a few. Ireland is well positioned to test new philanthropic models.

An important piece for anyone engaged in giving but more importantly for anyone who yet needs to be convinced. You will be. See the full article here.