Caroline Fiennes

Caroline Fiennes is the Founder and Director of Giving Evidence, a British organisation working to get charitable giving based on sound evidence.

Caroline travels all over the world to advise donors and foundations on best practise, and to raise their awareness of the importance of good evidence.


In 2012 Caroline released the book It Ain’t What you Give – a guide to charitable giving.
Using examples and stories it explains how charities work, and gives advice about how best you can work with them to improve the world.
It includes advice on common situations: how to choose a charity to put in your Will; whether to give anonymously, what is an intelligent response to a ‘chugger’ in the street, to being asked for sponsorship, to a request from your school or university.


It Aint What You Give


To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the book, it is on sale for just £5 throughout the month of April.
You can read about and purchase the book here