Bill Osborne came down to Dublin on November 10th to talk to us and our Members about his experience with collaboration for change in the community.

Bill is currently Chairperson of Building Change Trust and Director of the Belfast Charitable Society.
CollaborationNI was a programme commissioned by the Building Change Trust and run by a consortium of NICVA, Stellar Leadership and CO3. It’s funding ceased at the end of September 2016 but each of the three original partner organisations, NICVA, Stellar Leadership ad CO3, continue to provide collaboration support.




As well as talking us through the various collaborations he has been involved with as a member of Collaboration NI, he also spoke to us about the personal lessons he has learnt over the years, for example ‘Change is slow and continuous‘ & ‘Provide the space for individuals to reflect, think and be challenged‘.


Bill used the analogy of bubbles to articulate his experiences, as he felt that bubbles really gave a good indication as to what grants were like going out into the wider community.
They all float off in different directions and when they burst they are seen and felt over a larger area.


Bill blowing bubbles

Bill blowing bubbles


If anyone would like to see Bill’s presentation please contact