The Applegreen Charity Ball ‘A Night at the Oscars’ was held in Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Dublin on Friday 14th October. The event was a huge success raising €117K for their charity partner Barnardos.




This is the third Applegreen Annual charity event and Applegreen were overwhelmed with the support from suppliers, friends and staff.


Applegreen’s charitable fund supports Barnardos Early Years Programmes to assist children under the age of five who are experiencing challenges that range from being without a consistent home, a consistent parent and having a home situation that is under the threat of violence, to ensure these challenges do not impact on the rest of their lives in particular their ability to get the most from their education.

With the support of Applegreen’s partnership 2016/2017, they are helping vulnerable children across Ireland to get the chance of a brighter future.


The Applegreen charitable fund consists of employees from all areas of the business, from service stations to head office staff.
The Charitable Fund was set up in December 2009 to give back to the communities in which Applegreen operates throughout Ireland.
To date the fund has raised €1.7 Million for charitable causes in Ireland.

For more information on The Applegreen Charitable Fund visit