With the help of philanthropic funding from one of Philanthropy Ireland’s members Atlantic Philanthropies, another member Genio have launched a model which, although focusing on dementia, also has the potential for all older people’s services and other service areas.

The model puts people with dementia and their families at the centre of service design and demonstrates an approach which engages with the wider community and mainstream services, as well as health and social care services.
This offers a potential alternative to residential care and focuses on supporting people at home in their own communities for as long as possible.

An economic analysis of the four demonstration projects which informed the development of the model has been conducted by Professor Eamon O’Shea and colleagues in the National Centre for Social Research on Dementia, NUIG.
The study identified that for those on the boundary between community and residential care the potential maximum saving associated with the programme was €3,169,561 for 181 people.
The study concluded that, “the time is right to radically change the resource allocation system for community care in Ireland to reflect the social model of care. For a relatively small investment in innovative, personalised supports lives can be transformed and residential care costs postponed” (E. O’Shea and C. Monaghan, 2016).


(Ambrosse & Nuala Cassells who participated in the development of the model and helped launch the report)

Download the report here.