#Belonging16 is The Community Foundation’s grants strategy for 2016. They see 2016 as a year of belonging. This will be the theme of their grants, communications, events, publications and activities throughout the year.

First they launched #Belonging16 Community Parties Grants On February 11th. Communities all across the country have the opportunity to apply for €250 to hold a community party. These community parties are all about belonging and should encourage members of your community to come together and celebrate belonging in your community.
They will continue to give out grants until all 400 grants have been awarded.
Online application can be found here.

Now they have launched their #Belonging16 Grant Scheme for Refugees, Transgender Identities and Experiences and Families at Risk of Homelessness and the closing date for this Grant Scheme is 4.30 p.m. April 22nd 2016.
All applications are online and can be found here.