The University of Kent are now providing the UK’s first Master’s in Philanthropic Studies; an innovative online course that builds on their expertise and teaching in civil society, fundraising, philanthropy, the third sector and volunteering.

This course will be taught part-time only over a period of two years through the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research.

The programme is designed to meet demands for better higher educational provision for the charity workforce, as well as demands from donors for greater understanding of the meaning and purpose of philanthropy. It will be delivered by academics trained in a wide range of relevant disciplines including social policy, business, history, sociology, geography, moral philosophy, anthropology, law and economics.

The programme also draws significantly on expertise from beyond the University, including teaching contributions from leading philanthropy experts, advisers, consultants, grant-makers, fundraisers and strategic philanthropists.

It will be attractive to students seeking a high-level understanding of philanthropy and/or a career in the philanthropy sector, as well as to professionals seeking an opportunity to reflect on their practice.

The programme is distance learning with occasional seminar attendance. Applications from overseas students will be welcomed by University of Kent and indeed it is hoped that such applications will contribute to  a richness of diversity and perspective for all stakeholders.

It will commence in September 2016. To apply click here.