Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) can result from traffic or workplace accidents, the aftermath of a stroke or even brain surgery. The condition affects thousands of people every year.
It is never immediately obvious and tends to manifest itself in the medium to longer-term, revealed in changes to a person’s thinking or behaviour pattern. Little wonder that ABI is known as ‘the hidden disability’.
But there is no hiding the damaging impact on those directly affected and their carers.

Headway was established in 1985 to combat the impact of this hidden disability, through the provision of rehabilitative services for those directly affected and support for carers.
Today, the group provides crucial services to some 600 people, has four centres around the country and operates an information and education service in the southeast of Ireland.

Headway enlisted the support of Clann Credo, funded by the Social Finance Foundation, in order to provide new training, therapy and counselling facilities in their Dublin headquarters, as part of an upgrade of existing services.



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