Through the Genio Dementia Programme:
• 9 projects are being supported to develop community-based supports for people with dementia.
These projects are based in Cork, Dublin, Kilkenny, Leitrim, Louth, Mayo, Roscommon and Tipperary.
• 843 people with dementia are receiving individualised services that help keep them engaged in their local communities and living in their own homes.
• These services are very different to what was previously available.
People with dementia and family carers have had an input into what type of supports they need and responsive, individualised services have been put in place.
• While there have been 843 direct beneficiaries to date, these projects have demonstrated how the service model can change.
As these projects are mainstreamed and scaled, everyone with dementia and their carers should, into the future receive a more personalised and cost-effective model of care.
• Current county-level prevalence estimates indicate that the benefits could spread to as many as 9,039 people with dementia and a similar number of carers.
• In addition 3 projects are being supported to develop integrated care pathways for people with dementia to improve access to and discharge from acute hospitals. These projects are based in Connolly Hospital Dublin, St. James’ Hospital Dublin and Mercy Hospital Cork.
• To meet some of the families being supported through the Genio Dementia Programme watch this film clip 


In Ireland 47,499 people are reported to have dementia in Ireland.
This is expected to reach over 77,000 in ten years. (M. Pierce, S. Cahill & E. O’Shea, 2013).
The cost of residential care for a third of the dementia population will increase from €731m in 2010 to over €2bn per annum in the same period (Department of Health, 2012).


GENIO dementia prog.


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