Dr. Jacob Gayle of Medtronic Philanthropy delivers 7th Ray Murphy Lecture

Delivering the latest in the Ray Murphy Series of Lectures hosted by Philanthropy Ireland, Dr Jacob A. Gayle the President of Medtronic Foundation and Vice President of Medtronic Philanthropy discuss various aspects of philanthropy including: “how social investments from corporations, can help to generate sustained change in a manner which goes well beyond mere monetary contribution and promotion of self-serving marketing corporate interest.”

Addressing the topic Dr Gayle spoke of the challenges associated with getting: social investments from corporations, and others, to help generate sustained change in a manner which goes well beyond mere monetary contribution and promotion of self-serving marketing corporate interest.

Dr Gayle stated that “Sometimes the investment of human resource capital outlasts and overshadows cash contribution. Whether it is individual community engagement or corporate volunteerism; mentoring the young in order to teach them vocational skills or social skills; contributing skilled professional expertise in times of disaster or other ill fortunes. In fact, more and more, people are choosing employers, or consumers are choosing products, based upon how these choices afford them the opportunity to meet their needs or desires while also making life better for others. From selfless charitable contribution to cause marketing through brand selection, corporate philanthropy has emerged as a powerful source of self-generating philanthropy that has the capacity to make sustainable social development a possibility in ways that other philanthropic forms have not before delivered. We must collectively learn how to steer this powerful source to ensure its positive outcomes and responsible applications.”

Responding to Dr Gayle’s remarks Rosheen McGuckian, Group CEO of NTR plc said: Corporate philanthropy is still in its infancy in Ireland. But bit by bit we are growing up. It’s fantastic to see and learn from the leadership of organisations such as Medtronic who have ambitions on a global scale. But we can all do our bit. Ask yourself, what is important for your organisation, your staff, or even as we did, your shareholders. For us it was ‘securing a greener future.’ What is it for you? Harness that thought and then build your plan around giving, whether it’s through money, time, or expertise on meeting that core mission. It doesn’t matter how small you start. Once you focus your attention on one core social impact, rather than giving for the sake of giving, you would be amazed at the returned you can very quickly make on your invested energy.”

This reflects a very small element of what was overall an inspirational lecture and evening of discussion. The full lecture and response will be available shortly for download.