What is the European Day of Foundations and Donors?


The European Day of Foundations and Donors is a day to raise awareness of public benefit foundations. On October 1st, foundations from across Europe will join a common effort to highlight the value of their work. This may include the hosting of events and activities in various countries to learn more about foundations.


Why is the European Day of Foundations and Donors important?


Many people in Europe are not aware about the immense social impact of foundations. To change this, the marking of a designated day to communicate the work and value of foundations and donors may strengthen and support the sector as a whole. The aim of the day is to highlight the proactive role of foundations and donors in supporting projects for public benefit.


Philanthropy Ireland will be engaging with members to look at opportunities for how the day can be marked here in Ireland. Further details will be announced. In the meantime if you have ideas or interest in marking the day do let us know by e-mailing info@philanthropy.ie.