General Grant Scheme:

The St Stephen’s Green Trust will have one General Grant Scheme round in 2015, which is now open for applications. Following a review in March 2014, the Trustees decided to focus on issues of social injustice in critical aspects of the following areas: prisoners/ex-prisoners and their families; Travellers and specific aspects of homelessness issues.

Applications should be about demonstrating what works, social analysis and developing a user voice to effect positive social change. Projects should be ideas-driven, embracing new thinking, invention and innovation. They have a particular interest in supporting work in partnership with others and for which there are few opportunities for funding.

The Trust also have a small grant programme for families in Direct Provision Centres which will fund activities for children.

Successful grantees will receive their grants in May. Only organisations with income of less than €500,000 are eligible to apply.

The deadline for all applications is Friday 20th February, 2015. Full guidelines and the application form are available here.

Darndale Belcamp Oblates Grants Programme:

The SSGT Darndale Belcamp Grants Programme is a specific initiative to support groups and organisations working with residents of the Darndale Belcamp Parish area affected by issues of poverty, disadvantage and social exclusion. The Grant Scheme runs from 2006 to 2015. The grants budget for 2015 is €50,000.

The Trust will consider the work of any organisation working with residents of Darndale and Belcamp, including organisations working with young people, older people and vulnerable adults. n 2015 the maximum grant available will be €5,000, unless there is a collaborative approach to the application.

The small grants programme in Darndale Belcamp is drawing to a close and this will be the last year of grants. For the final year, the Trust will work closely with local organisations to increase funding from other sources to replace funding providing under this grants programme for the last 9 years.

The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday 20th February, 2015. Further details on application process and form are available here.