Information Now Available for Grant Round Opening September 2014

Set up in Ireland in 1992 by Porticus, a Dutch Foundation, which operates worldwide, and with 3 further sources of funding from Irish religious orders, St. Stephen’s Green Trust (SSGT) gives grants to organisations operating on the island of Ireland. Following a review in March 2014, the Trustees took the decision to focus on specific issues of social injustice in critical aspects of a number of key areas over the next 3 to 5 years, namely:

  • Prisoners / Ex-prisoners – consideration to be given to initiatives focused on new approaches for alternatives to custody; in-prison supports; out-of-the-gate supports; the availability of options to integrate the ex-prisoner back into society and initiatives working with prisoners’ families.
  • Travellers – recognising the multiple layers of disadvantage and racism experienced by Travellers in Irish society, SSGT has a particular interest in 1) Locally-based projects seeking to increase the participation of male Travellers in the development of their own community 2) Initiatives which improve literacy levels and educational progression and 3) Mental health projects.
  • Direct Provision Hostels – recognising the severe disadvantages and poverty of opportunity experienced by women and children in Direct Provision Hostels in the Republic of Ireland, the Trust is seeking applications from organisations local to the Direct Provision Hostels that will support residents to participate in community and sporting activities that will improve their quality of life, assist integration and build bridges with the community in which they are living. 
  • Homelessness – the Trust is encouraging applications from organisations seeking to find new solutions to the current crisis in homelessness and disseminating what works and will be consider areas such as social analysis, policy development and interventions which will contribute to long term solutions to the current crisis. 
  • Grant Application Planning Supports – As a new initiative, the Trust will consider providing small amounts of funding to support organisations wishing to develop project proposals, particularly those being developed on a collaborative basis.  The funding can assist with payments to consultants/facilitators but not staff time.  Costs which can be applied for include costs of convening a group to develop approaches, incidentals of meetings, study visits (within Ireland and the UK) and other supports to develop coherent and informed proposals.

The general criteria for funding requires that applications be about demonstrating what works, social analysis and developing a user voice to effect positive social change. Projects should be ideas driven – embracing new thinking, invention and innovation.  SSGT have a particular interest in supporting work in partnership with others and for which there are few opportunities for funding. Full details on criteria can be accessed here and prospective applicants are encouraged to check the guidelines fully before applying.

The Trust operates a two-step process to assist applicants.  Key dates for the process:

  • Friday 12th September – closing date for submission of initial application form available on 
  • Friday 26th September – decisions on initial assessment will be emailed to applicants
  • Friday 17th October – date for submission of a detailed proposal should the initial assessment be successful

Decisions on final applications will be made by the end of November and funded projects can begin January 2015.

NOTE: The Trust does not accept applications from organisations with annual income in excess of €500,000

For queries in relation to the SSGT General Grant Scheme contact:

Orla O’Neill, Grants & Development Director, PO Box 950, Newbridge, Co Kildare

Tel: 045-480666; email:; website: