For Immediate Release

30th May 2011

Research reveals Dubliners to be the most generous givers to charity.

Dubliners are the most generous givers to charitable causes and organisations in Ireland, donating an average of €207 per annum, according to research carried out by Philanthropy Ireland. The rest of Leinster follow next with a typical annual donation of €190. People from Connaught and Ulster spend €99 per year and finally the Munster region hand over €48 to charity each year.

“The results of the research are positive, and despite our own financial difficulties indicate we are a charitable nation. On average Irish people donate €130 to charities each year.” Seamus Mulconry, Executive Director, Philanthropy Ireland.

Irelands contributions to charitable donations is very high, 89% of Irish adults give to charity compared to 58% in the UK or 40% in Germany. The typical Irish donor is aged between 50 and 64 and female. Although most Irish people give to charity, only 15% donate in a planned and regular way for example by way of a percentage of their income through direct debit.

“Ireland has a long and honourable history of philanthropic giving that has contributed to our quality of life. Whilst the results are mostly positive, findings have also indicated there is a need for greater understanding and awareness of the importance of long term planned and regular financial contributions to charity.” Seamus Mulconry.

Founded in 1998 non-profit organisation, Philanthropy Ireland is the Association of independent philanthropic organisations, including grant making trusts and foundations. Its members collectively disburse over €75 million per annum in Ireland. Philanthropists, that is people who freely provide money and are engaged and committed for the long haul, play an all important role in ensuring the survival and growth of many vital services and the advancement of many noble causes both at home and abroad.


For more information and empirical data please contact:Seamus Mulconry, Executive Director, Philanthropy Ireland
087 617 2814